Happy Father’s Day

Fathers-Day21 June 2015 – woken up by my wonderful family, who surprised me with full Irish breakfast.  I could smell the wonderful favour of seared pig, freshly brewed coffee and of course my wife’s fantastic homemade scones.  Well, I had to get some of the key ingredients myself from the local supermarket; B&W pudding and beans.  No Irish breakfast is complete without these.

The sad thing about Irish breakfast is that it is devoured way to quick, considering the amount if time it takes to prepare the meal.  We had cleaned our plates within 10 minutes, and the dogs were begging for scraps.

Father’s Day is by tradition a celebration for all us awesome dads; living and past.  This day also reminds of me late father, who passed away all too soon five years ago.  I can’t believe time has gone so fast and I miss him dearly.

There are so many things that I wanted to experience with him, showing him our new life in the US, and play with his grandkids.  I know he’s watching over us from above, and my youngest daughter has said she wants to meet Farfar in person – she claims to have spoken with him in her dreams.  The scary thought is, she never met him.  He passed away two weeks after she was born!

Let’s celebrate our fathers, living and past.  Happy Father’s Day.

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