Little Pony Nightmare

I’m not too sure how to even approach this topic, as I really don’t want to offend any known fans, and I’m certainly not interested in being bombarded by thousands of angry tweets about my attitude towards these creatures.

They obviously inspire millions around the World.  They have their own TV show, clothe range, toy selection, books, etc.  Deep inside I envy their success, but at the same time I curse them for making my time as a parent a living nightmare.  Thankfully the interest in them is only a few years, so I just have to bide my time a little longer, until my youngest daughter has outgrown these monster.

I know these characters are rather innocent and perhaps even funny at times.  It’s the obsession with the TV show (on Netflix) and the unrealistic expectation that I can remember all the names.

Seriously, I sometimes forget the name of the family pets and I can’t even remember birthdays and anniversaries of my immediate family.  The pressure on us parents is immense.

Let me introduce the characters I’m expected to love and know.  It’s of course the gang of ponies, known as My Little Ponies;

Honestly, who came up with the names?  The story line of the shows are rather dubious and celebrates (IMHO) some lesser qualities of our kids.  They portray these characters as less clever and some even as air heads.  Anyway, I know it’s futile to even attempt to justify the existence of these characters.  It’s a show and I just need to accept it!

But, try to dress a 4-year-old with the clothes she wants, and then get the stare of utter disgust when I get the name wrong.  Like, the other day when getting her ready for her school, she wanted to wear Rainbow dash undies.  OK, I gave her a pair with a horse on.

She grabbed the pair with both hands, exerted immense force and started to pull the undies apart.  Her anger was similar to the Hulk and she yelled “this is Rarity!  I want Rainbow Dash!”

The fear in me took over and i started to twitch my left eye.  What had I done wrong?  How could I ever live up to my daughter’s expectations?

I ran to the drawer and grabbed a few more options, but started to panic.  What would happen if I could  not find her beloved Rainbow Dash?  Would the local Kohl’s be open this early so I could get her the pair of undies she wanted?

Thankfully my 10-year-old daughter walked into the room.  She calmly picked up a pair of horse undies and gave them to the 4-year-old – who in return smiled, nodded and showed me.  “See dad, this is Rainbow Dash!”

Crisis had been averted, but I never know when the next apocalyptic event might happen.

You might sit there and laugh, or worse, shake your head because I even write about My Little Ponies.  Well, it’s very important to share my life experiences with other parents, and warn them that they need to know the characters and role models in our kids’ life – or even protect them from the wrong choices.

… btw, I hate Barney too 🙂

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