Mother o’ Mother

Dear Mother,

Thanks for putting me into this World.  I can only say that I’m a gift to my generation, but some people might just say that I’m overly selfish and arrogant.

We’ve had many years of extreme happiness, family holidays and wonderful adventures.  Some I would prefer to forget, but through it all you’ve been very supportive and always given me the freedom to make my choice.  You mightn’t agree with them, but you respected my decision.

I admit, I’ve made some dumb-ass moves while growing up, and you mostly provided the moral backing … while probably laughing at some of these stupidities.  However, I do want to remind you that you encouraged some of the childhood stunts, even if you attempt to deny it 🙂

  • not stopping me picking up glowing red piece of iron from the beach fireplace
  • laughing after I feel on top a huge pile of cow poo
  • taking a picture as I was pooping in a bin in the middle of Greenlandic tundra
  • as I vomited having consumed rather large quantities of wiped cream
  • defrosting me after I slept in the shed, after a party, drunk of course

It was so different and much better growing up in the 70s and 80s.  Kids were kicked outside as soon as we had done out homework, despite the season or weather forecast, and had to entertain ourselves playing sports, rummaging in the forest and biking.  You always encouraged this were quick to drag us in to do our chores.

I wish you a wonderful mother’s day, my dear mother.

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