Guns & Kids

childsafeI’m not running into the street hailing NRA or glorifying the latest Smith & Wesson handgun, and I’m not really comfortable having guns in my house.  Although I think they would come in handy when the Zombie Apocalypse hits the East Coast shortly after the next strain of bird flu breaks out.  But that’s beside the point really.

There are many valid reasons for owning and storing guns, especially if it’s part of your employment, hobby or protecting your farm animals.  For the ordinary man like myself, owning a gun should be possible, but leave the weapons at the local shooting range.

I’m not standing on some soapbox here or going on a crusade like Pierce Morgan did, but I do think we need to take gun safety seriously.  We can’t do anything about people with ill intend or crime driven activities from obtaining these guns, and I’m not going to discuss gun safety with that group of people either!

If you, for some reason need to store your firearm within the family walls, then for God sake do it right.  Too many kids have been killed over the years by tragic accidents, where guns have been “stored” insecurely; under your pillow, in the closet, in the basement, on the wall.  Worse, many of these guns might even be loaded.

Imagine your kids playing in the house, which they tend to do, and stumble across a cool gun – another item to explore.  Watch the video below.

The point is, if you absolutely has to store the guns in your house, do it safely and out of reach of the kids.  We want kids to play in safe environments, both away and within homes.

Many of the recent gun tragedies might have been prevented if the guns weren’t easy accessible within the homes.  Guns don’t kill people, but people who doesn’t know how to handle guns do.  So, it’s our responsibility to keep them locked away securely …

… and I know this defeats the point of having a gun handy when an intruder is standing in your house threatening your family.  But, what are your suggestions to resolve that dilemma?

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