NyhavnMy boss had kindly asked me to attend a meeting in Copenhagen, so given the distance and time since last visit, I was pretty excited to go.

It had been over three years since I visited my homeland.  The last time was under less glamorous and joyful moods, so I was a little apprehensive as to how it would be to go home.  It would either be a great reunion with my mother or it would end up being a little more Misery-esque scenario.  I was obviously rooting for the first possible outcome, as I had no intention on being strapped to a bed with my ankles firmly snapped.

Again, because of the distance from A to B, I was permitted to travel by business class, which by the way is totally awesome.  Imagine, you sit in a seat for 8 hours while being wined and dinned, and having free bar + a nice movie library.  Not only that, you get access to the business lounge before the flight, which again gives unlimited use of both food and alcohol.

Not that I indulge with gluttony, but I do need to sample items from the menu.  Furthermore, over the past few years I have developed a silly nervousness for flying so I need to calm my nerves ahead of a long haul flight.  It may even aid my efforts in getting some sleep.

hotdogAfter an 8 hour flight, with no sleep, I arrived in Copenhagen airport at 7am.  While waiting for my luggage, I was debating with myself if I should buy a Danish hotdog (ristet), but decided that it was too early for such a feast.  And, I had just finished my breakfast on the flight, which the rest of the flight missed due to some minor turbulence.

The great thing about Denmark is that most people know people who live in Copenhagen, so I met up with some very old friends – no by age, but years I’ve known them – and we spent the next 12 hours catching up, while I was being a tourist in my own country.

I spent a few days working full-time from the office in Copenhagen and then travelled to my mother’s place mid-week, from where I worked a few hours per day.

Spending time with my mum was great, but yet strange.  The last time we met in person, our ways parted in less glamorous ways.  No need to dwell over this and it stays in the past.  My mother was enjoying having her son home, I helped her with a few things and we spent some quality time while repairing her iMac and showing her how to use some of the cool features.

Funnily enough, my sister also wanted me to visit her place and interestingly they had some urgent needs to get their iMac updated too.  Another 5 hours was spent cleaning it up, updating it and ensuring all their files were working.

Thursday evening was spent among good friends from my home town.  We met at the local drinking hole and spent several hours reminiscing over the past, where we were in our careers and of course all the gossip.

inflightThe journey home was exciting as I was heading home to the midgets.  It’s great being home home, but nothing beats being with your own family.  Spending a week away from home is a long time.

Flying home on business class is just as cool as it sounds – free food, free bar, great service and of course inflight movies.

As I finally entered the house I was greeted with hugs and kisses from everyone, including the family St Bernard.  Less charming getting drooled on, but I appreciated its efforts to welcome me home … or did she just need to go to the garden!

Home Sweet Home!

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