2014 – now what?

Let’s just say, 2014 will be awesome for so many reasons, and I’m just very happy to have celebrated the festivities with my family and new friends.

It can be difficult at times to celebrate Christmas and New Year far away from families, when those are the times where we are meant to be close and enjoy the mad gift unwrapping and strange traditions.

I’m looking very much forward to 2014 as I’m certain it’ll bring loads of happiness to my family, and I’m sure we’ll have some cool challenges ahead of us.

  • My oldest daughter turns 10
  • We have membership to a fantastic camp site
  • We’ll be house hunting
  • My son will continue to do leaps in his development
  • My youngest daughter will finally stop drawing on the walls … nah!
  • My wife will get loads of opportunities to pursue her ambitions
  • I want to organise a few parties for our friends
  • My MOvember contribution will be fun again
  • And I get to witness it all

I wish that I get the chance to meet my friends from both Ireland and Denmark during 2014, and also get a chance to meet some very old friends from high school.  It would be amazing to meet family again and amply enjoy the time we have.

I wish you, your family and friends a Happy New Year!

Thank you for reading my posts and thanks to my close friends and dear families for maintaining the regular contact with us, while we are settling in abroad.  And, many thanks for all the kind people who have embraced us in the US and provided us with great opportunities.

Good luck and enjoy 2014!   …and remember, 2014 is Soccer World Cup 🙂