Speed in the Jungle

During our adventures to Costa Rica back in 2008, we visited a fantastic place called the Buena Vista Lodge.  I’ll tell you more about in another blog.

The main reason for this short post is simply because we just saw a travel program who shared some clips from the amazing (and ridiculously dangerous) water slide that cut through the jungle.  Apparently it’s one of the longest outdoor water slides and it spans an amazing 400+ meters – which in US terms is around 1200 feet +/-.  Just imagine riding a water slide the same length as the Empire State building!

Here’s a little teaser for what the slide looks like.  The entire family tried the slide, which  in hind side was an incredible stupid idea, but we were told by many people at the hotel and the lodge that it was perfectly safe … even for the kids.  BUT, it’s not!

You can reach speeds of up 40mph.  There are no side guards to prevent you go over the side of the slide.  You have to keep arms tight to the body – prepare for the cold water as they open the hatch to start the ride – oh, and prepare to scream, not matter if you want to or not!

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