Manboobs and Tequilla

My site is back up again!  It’s time I move to another hosting provider, but I wanted to wish y’all a Wonderful New Year and best wishes for 2013 before the move happens.  Something tells me it’ll be a challenging migration from one provider to another.

We had a fantastic New Year dinner with the family; kids screaming and dancing, while us adults enjoyed a few Hillbilly Margaritas.  I made homemade calamari with equally homemade salsa (recipes to follow), and for main course I served a lovely scallop/clam cooked in white wine with vegetables, on top of spaghetti.

… and yes, all three kids loved both dishes.

For dessert was vanilla / cherry ice cream, kindly produced by ‘Friendly’s’.

After dinner, we had a bit more dancing and started to watch the New Year roll across the Globe, seeing how each capital welcomed the New Year with fireworks and street parties.

As for New Year resolutions?  Well, we have to continue having fun and perhaps work on removing the manboobs!  I refuse to go running, so have to watch what I eat closely.

Anyway, Happy New Year my friends!

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