Hillbilly Margarita

I’m a big fan of Caipirinha and had contemplated to create a gallon for our New Year eve celebrations.  But, given it was just going to be my wife and I celebrating the change of year, I felt that we needed something a little less lethal.

Remember, we have 3 kids who don’t care that we might have a hangover!

Bingo!  We invented another awesome drink – Hillbilly Margarita.

Again, and this really goes without saying, but this potion is only intended for adults and should under no circumstances be given to kids.  Adults only!

The last time I had tequila was in my early twenties and the scattered memories from that evening was me drinking shots while licking salt and lime off my best friend’s chest!  Neither me or my friend have really recovered from that night, so tequila always makes my eye twitch nervously.

It sounds daft that I have to remind readers about this, but just trying to safeguard any blame being sent my way for sharing this awesome recipe.  And, with some twats who recently filed a lawsuit against alcohol companies, I do not want to be seen to promote alcohol without stating that it can cause severe headaches, upset stomach, long-term effects if misused and of course put you in a state of flux the day after enjoying these Godly drops.


  • Bottle of Tequila of your choice – we went with a smooth Patron Silver
  • Fresh orange juice
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Sparkling water
  • Ice

Mix everything above to your liking, in the measurements that suits your tongue.  And, make sure you have a proper sized glass for this.

To give it the right hillbilly look ‘n feel, we used mason jars.  It didn’t give it any particular flavor enhancement, but drinking from these glasses made it a little less casual and yet cool.  And, you can fit in loads or drink into these jars.

After a few jars of this elixir, we started to feel relaxed and it was clear that the alcohol levels were reaching a limit where the next phase would be extreme dancing, which perhaps is a scene you do not want witness – given we haven’t danced really since our wedding.

Later in the evening we made some additional experiments with rum and other juice flavors, but my favorite was definitely the orange/lime mix, although mango juice with tequila was awesome.

As I put my head on the pillow the room was spinning slightly, but nothing alarming.  Funnily enough, I fell asleep pretty quick and woke up the next morning without any severe ‘the day after’ symptoms – other than an unnatural graving desire for bacon and eggs breakfast (brunch is probably the more accurate word).

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