I’ll just wait for Santa

It was one of these days where the kids were overly happy and energetic.  I love those days, especially because they are giddy and ask silly questions.

Our oldest daughter is learning about money in school and her teacher even has a money reward system to help the kids understand the concept of earning money.  Thankfully she’s using fake money (schoolopoly money)!  This money can be used to buy stuff in school such as pencils, erasers, small toys, etc.

It sounds like a fantastic concept, but it in fact undermines and places parents in an akward position.  Kids are smart and learn quick, and quick puts 987 + 274 together to realise that can get money from their parents – real money!

Greed kicks in!

The other day my dear daughter, who was feeling particularly happy and giddy, approached me with a ginormous grin on her face.  I instinctively knew she was up to something.  This was confirmed with the first few words coming out of her mouth.

daaaaad.  You know I love you and I’ve been a great girl doing all my homework on time?” … and she continued … “And, I just thought it would be a great idea to reward me for being such a great kid” … and she went even further … “And, to show me how much you love me!“.

It was now pretty cleat that she had either done something wrong and was seeking forgiveness or she was looking for something.  It turned out it was the latter.

Dad, can I get $20 so I can buy something in the toy shop?

At first I thought of bursting out laughing, mainly as a cover-up for my fear that my daughter had grown up and was looking for a credit card soon, or just to panic.

Either outburst would probably haven been totally inappropriate, so I opted for a more adult response “of course my dear daughter” which made her light up like a Christmas tree.  However, the next few words I threw at her might have scared her off.  “if you want money my dear, then you have to earn it.  And in order to earn money, you can sweep the drive way“.

Ha!  had just showed her who was the boss and given her an adult education regarding money.  Unfortunately I was about to be put in my place by my 9 year old girl.

She simply replied “nah! That’s OK.  I just wait for Santa to bring me toys“.
What just happened?  Had I just been out smarted by my daughter?  The answer was simple – YES!

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