Day After Tomorrow .. that’s today!

With all the hype from around the World, that doomsday has finally arrived, it’s time that I jump on the blogger bandwagon and write a few words about this – my perspective of course.

In short, this happened because some person (and not an authority figure like Indiana Jones) interpreted the Mayan calendar perhaps slightly incorrectly.  He jumped to conclusion and assumed that because there were no more entries on the stone that automatically meant bad omens.  End of the World scenario.

Did anybody stop to consider that the Mayans just ran out of symbols?  The Mayans probably couldn’t be bothered to chisel any more on the bloody stone.  The artist died!  Or simply left the calendar to be completed by their kids or another chiseler.

We create a family picture calendar on our iMac each year and sends them to our nearest relatives and wish them happy New Year.  Our calendar only covers the following year, e.g. 2013, but that doesn’t mean that the World will end or something when there are no more pages to flip.

Imagine some archaeologist digging in the dirt in 500 years and finds my calendar in a time capsule.  They might interpret these calendars stating that back then we only lived a year!

That said, I’m still watching the clock to see when it hits 11am EST on 21 December, as that’s apparently the time we are screwed.  While doing this, I might as well listen to this great track by R.E.M.

In anticipation of the Apocalypse, I’ve held off buying any Christmas present, hoping that there will be a huge End of the World sale later this afternoon.

I would certainly hate to be of Mayan decent after 11am EST today, if the end does not come.  How foolish will they look?  All i can say is in your face ye Mayan lying bastards.

(btw, my wife is of Mayan decent, but it’s of course not her fault that her ancestors made an arse of predicting the future :-))

My dear friends in Ireland survived their end of the World, so the Guinness is saved for another century!

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