Another Proud Moment

Man, Father’s Day 2012 has been the best ever.  Not only did I pass the 40 year mark, and diffidently no longer a virgin, but I also received some wonderful homemade Father Day’s cards from my two oldest kids – see previous post and below images.

… the youngest made the day special too, by constructing another graffiti art piece on the kitchen wall and by coloring her bellybutton green to support the Irish team in European Championship 2012.

Turning 40 should’ve made me this tough dude, longing to ride the neighbors sit on tractor, while equipped with a couple of cans.  But receiving these cards turned my heart to a mushy emotional substance.  Not easy to keep my cool when reading those cards.

Even the Pollock vs  Picasso style graffiti made me proud to be a dad, despite parts of it being in permanent marker.

My dear wife had to go to an important meeting and workshop on Father’s Day, which meant I was stuck with the three rascals all day.

We had a blast, doing as little as possible, playing outside, watching movies, baking cakes and having fun.

All in all, I had a great Father’s Day.  Did you?

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