The Everlasting Christmas

The problem all families are facing when the Christmas season knocks on the door, can be more overwhelming than the financial burden of the festive season.

We are of course talking about something more hard hitting and frustrating, especially if the timing is off.  Missing the timing can make you stand out (literally) if you are not tuned in to the jingles.

If you are caught slacking off or not taking this seriously, your reputation in the neighborhood is tarnished for at least 12 months, or perhaps until the next festive event; New Year, Easter, Paddy Day, Halloween – you name it.

Every year we go through the same challenges.  Christmas is here and we need to decorate the house, AND get a real Christmas tree.

I know all the shops around town start decorating from 1 November onwards, which is extremely frustrating – especially to see and listen to Christmas themed music two months prior to the eevnt.  Any excuse to milk the pundits of hard earned cash!

The question is, when do you actually start to decorate for Christmas, and when do you go Christmas tree hunting?

  • If you buy the tree to early, real trees that is, then it will dry out and die.  You then have to explain to your kids why the tree looks like match-stick men.  The other problem is that you’ll end up with a carpet full of pine needles, which can be very uncomfortable for both your pets and when walking bare-feet.
  • If you put up the Christmas decoration, after having dug it out from the attic or shed storage, the novelty might wear off quickly for the kids.  Imagine looking at the same decorations week in and week out, and Christmas Eve is nowhere nearer.

The problems you’ll experience in your neighborhood, if you get the timing wrong, is either like the wraith of God or become the laughing stock.

  • Too early; they will think you’ve lost the plot completely and you have now shown your ignorance on the neighboring families, as their kids are demanding to decorate too.  This results in the neighborhood being lit up early November.   Good thing is that you can always find your street.
  • Too late; your so-called friendly neighbors will smile affectionately at you, while shaking their heads.  You’ve just messed up the most sacred events for the kids, by decorating 3 days before Christmas Eve.  Good thing is that you have just saved yourself a fortune in electricity charges

The choice is yours!  Friend or Foe – Hero or Loser

Well, you could of course set some rules within your street / neighborhood that Christmas decorations are put the first weekend of December.  At least then you’ll all be heroes.

The flip-side of Christmas is, when do you take the Christmas decoration down?

There are apparently some golden rules around this too.  Some people say leave until Easter, whereas other people say first week of February.  I say, screw it, Christmas finishes after New Year’s Eve, so that’s when we’ll take down the decorations.

At that point, people just want Christmas to be over, as we all suffer from financial hangovers, and are now coping with the longest month of the year.

BTW, why does ALL bills arrive the 1st of January, just when you recover from your hangover from the New Year celebrations?  Some sick bastard decided that it would be better to start where we left off, pretending everything is business as usual.

I utterly dislike seeing Christmas decorations well into February.  Come on people!  Take down the lights and decorations.  If you leave it up too much longer, you might as well leave it up all year.

All that said, I love Christmas and think it’s the best time of the year.  Kids are happy. Kids are excited.  Kids want loads of presents.  Parents want a new credit card!

Bring it on!

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