Mummies share their secrets


It is about mummies that are being found all over the world.


It’s about scientists that are doing x rays CAT scans to look if there is any damage or diseases in mummies.


Scientists want to find out more about mummies. They use technology because they want to keep the mummies safe and how they are. Mummies are very fragile   and scientists don’t want to unwrap them. Technology helps them see inside the mummies without having to unwrap them.

Scientists found out that one mummy died of heart disease.

A 5,000-year-old mummy ate goat meat and bread 30 minutes before his death.


The mummies are put through the CAT scan twice. Mummies are too big to fit inside and the scan has to be done twice. The CAT scan looks like a giant doughnut. The mummy goes through the hole. The CAT scan takes hundreds of x-rays that makes a 3D picture.

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