Merry Christmas

This is really just a short message (I pinkie swear) to all you guys out there, wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

I sincerely hope you had a wonderful time, celebrating and feasting with the family, and getting a little rounder around the hips – just like me.

Not too sure why, but most people tend to eat double food during Christmas, as if we weren’t going to have food for another lifetime.  I can’t help it.  I love to make the Christmas dinner and I ALWAYS make too much duck, potatoes, gravy and desserts.  Deep inside I know the dinner I’ve just made is for 16 persons, and we are only six for dinner, but I also know that most of it will be consumed during the feeding frenzy.

After dinner, we open presents.  The smiles, laughs, screams and excitement by the kids is priceless.  Sometimes even the adults participate in the unwrapping adventure, much to the annoyance of the kids.

As a parent, the time of blisters starts as soon as the first toy is unwrapped, as we have to open and assemble all the toys.  Whoever invented the metal tie-ons for the toys, had the bright idea to place small invisible plastic bands or strings in the doll’s hair or screw on plastic holders should be punished by thousand paper cuts.

  • Do you have any idea of how long it takes to open and free a doll from it’s box?
  • The painful paper cuts and actually finding a phillips head screwdriver small enough to fit the screws
  • Do you know how quickly a normally calm kid can turn impatient and at times evil, just but the mere waiting of these decking ties to be removed?

Hours later when the final metal wrapper untangled and we can play with the toys, the kids have fallen asleep waiting.  Oh well, we can always play in the morning!

Exhausted from all the unwrapping, still full of food borderline congestion, we the parents jump into the sofa with a cup of coffee.  Feet up, TV on and asleep in less than 4 minutes.

Merry Christmas people!

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