Tata Wars – The T21 Alliance

In a galaxy far far away, something dark and ominous was brewing.  In a little space port of Lucanittica, just outside the space portal of Dublinea, was a little boy who was going to change the future for Jedi Schools throughout the galaxy.

The force was strong in the little dude, Tata T21, and he was going to join the legendary Jedi School, to release the super powers within him.

Little did he know that the Evil BOM and Darth principales, was plotting an evil scheme to take of the Jedi branch in Lucanittica.

The trails were hard and long.  The little un-caped super hero fought and passed all his trails, but when it came to the final test, the Evil BOM and Darth Principales blocked his way. The little boy was lost.  What to do now?

Darth Principales

Thankfully, he was joined by the uber Jedi fighters Judgebrix, Super Mum, Ninja Girl and Flaming Midget.  This group of elite fighters came to the aid of Tata 21, much to the surprise and disgust of Evil BOM and Darth Principales.

The fights that followed were hard and tough.  Unfortunately the Evil BOM and Darth principales’ grips in the Jedi school in Lucanittica was too strong, and they forced Tata 21 to leave.  Was the battle over?  Had Tata 21 and his gang lost?

Then something happened that the Evil BOM and Darth Principales didn’t expect.  A dark Avatar, Maysa, emerged from another galaxy and started a new alliance.  An alliance that had been broken was about to be re-forged.

Jedis, Hobbits, Unicorns, Leprechauns and Humans joined this alliance to stand behind Tata 21.  A new front to battle against the Evil BOM and Darth Principales had started.

In the space port called Faceburg, the alliance gathered pace and it grew stronger by the light-year.  Individuals from all corners of the galaxy, and other galaxies, joined this new alliance.

The Evil BOM

The Darth followers and drones attempted time and time again to disrupt or block the progress of Tata T21, but at every corner and every obstacle, was another angel taking up the fight – blocking the clones and the dark side to beat Tata T21.

News of Tata T21’s struggles travelled far and reached inter-galactic sites for sharing news and Super Mum was soon caught in the webs of a media storm.  She bravely fought the non-believers and made them understand that the force is strong with Tata T21.

The Federation of the Irlandesa Galaxy was following the struggles of Tata T21, but were unable to intervene.  It was against space policy to deal with individual cases.  However, letters were dispatched from senior members of the Federation, to Judgebrix and Super Mum, showing their full support.

Tata T21’s case was now being discussed at the highest level within the Federation.

The Federation was going to protect and support all little dudes around the Galaxy, making sure they can all attend Jedi schools across this (once again) beautiful nation.

Tata T21 and his gang are moving to another galaxy, a bit further away from this galaxy, where he has been accepted into a Jedi school.

  • What is going to happen with the Evil BOM and Darth Principales?
  • Will the Federation Ambassadors really fight along side the new alliance?
  • Will Tata T21 get his Jedi training?
  • What will become of Ninja Girl and Flaming Midget?
  • Who will Maysa the Avatar save next?
  • Is Esmeralda Green running for Govenor of Lucanittica Jedi School?
  • Is Super Mum really able to use Wii nunchucks?
  • Can Judgebrix really write?

Answers to all these questions will be answered in the next chapters of “Tata Wars – The T21 Alliance” – the battles continues.

Little Jedi dudes from every galaxy needs support to reach their previously unknown levels.  The Force is strong with these dudes.  But, the evil forces must be met head on, to ensure that these mini-us can strive and become what they are meant to be … awesome dudes.

We want YOU to join the alliance.  Spread the word and support the dudes.

Transmission over and out ... hope the Matrix didn't trace this!

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