Lethal Experiment!

A fart is a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus.  Or, a burp that took the elevator to the ground floor.

6a00d8341cd41453ef011572172578970b-800wiYes, I’m almost 38 years old, but farts still make me laugh.  There you go, I said it.  I’m a sad case, but I don’t give a damn.  I have fun and have no problem saying it.  You should admit it too.

You have to admit it, farting is absolutely disgusting, but it can be really funny at times.  When did you last watch a movie where somebody farted and you burst out laughing.  It is so childish, but you just can stop laughing.  Not sure what it is about farts, but it makes people smile – most of the time.  Yes, if you fart while having in intimate moment, then it will not be accepted or considered funny.

Obviously, you don’t fart in public or among extended family.  It is something sacred that is only done among people you know and trust; close family and friends.  Well, to be honest, you would only really fart among like minded friends.

The truth is, everybody farts, even the Pope and Obama, so it’s ok to break wind.  Farts has even been given thousands of nicknames, and just mentioning these makes me laugh.

  • After dinner mints
  • Back draft
  • Blinking the brown eye
  • Burp taking the elevator down
  • Swamp Ass
  • Stepping on a duck
  • Flapping the ring
  • Gas alert
  • Juicy doughnut
  • The missing sound
  • Ninja
  • Pedo
  • Hello missus
  • Sound of silence
  • Lethal weapon

Because of my childish behaviour, I decided to conduct an experiment.  My wife had already gone to bed and was snoring heavily, which was perfect for my experiment.


Can people smell farts when sleeping?

Test subject:

My wife was halfway across to Pandora, pretending to be an avatar in the midst of a battle between good and evil.  The snoring sound indicated that she was NOT planning on returning for a while and was therefor a suitable victim.


I quietly flapped the ring, releasing a lethal toxic gas similar to that found on Pandora (Avatar), killing most mortal men.  The aim was to see if people can smell while sleeping.  Even I, the owner of the lethal gas, was finding it difficult to breath calmly and I was at times struggling to stay awake.


NO, people do not smell anything while sleeping.  My wife kept on sleeping as if nothing happening, which let me to conclude my experiment quickly.  I had to open the window to get in fresh air.  My nostrils were burning!

No need for advanced testing equipment of degrees in science.  All you need is lethal pedo, a duvet and of course an unknowing innocent victim.

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