A tribute to my daughters – I’ll Be Your Man

Every day, I see my daughters grow more mature. They rely less on their father to support them in their adventures, and they take on new challenges with more confidence. Gone are the days and hours where they called me to help them reach a shelf, do homework with them, assist them climbing trees, and providing morale support at sporting events.

I’m a proud father when I see how polite they are, outside the home, and how engaged they are when working on Girl Scout badges.

It also makes me realize that soon they will make friendships and relationships that will take them more away from the safety of our family. Their time to grow up under our wings are counting down, and too fast at times.

My oldest is already 16, and learning to drive. She’s looking at colleges, and recently overheard talking about her dream wedding.

My youngest is starting in middle school next summer, which seem like an eternity away, but it is only a few years ago she started elementary school.

I fear that I’ve missed stuff in the past years, and stuff that we never got to do. Life got in the way, and we had (and have) fun. But, I really wanted to bond more with my daughters, and help them have wonderful memories of stuff we did together as a family, and stuff that I did to help them.

Go have a ball
Take every chance that you may
You know I'll be one call away
I'll always be, I'll always be your man

Sometimes, we need a song to express our thoughts and feelings.

Zac Brown Band wrote a beautiful song for a daughter. While it is not my story, it represents how I feel and shares how I love my daughters.

I question myself, if I dedicated enough time to them while they were younger. Did we play enough with Lego? Did we draw funny drawings? Did we play in the woods? Did we play board games? Did I listen to their sadness or worries, and did I aid and comfort them?

There was a time when
I thought I knew love
Until you came into this world
Time keeps on flying
But you're always
Gonna be my baby girl

When I was sick, I realized that I probably was too focused on work and many stressed, which resulted in less quality time spent with the girls.

As I recovered, I have been trying hard to change and get more involved. Although I regret not being a better parent, it is never too late, and I only worry about how I could provide for my family. Work got in the way too often!

Hiking and smiling

I have tried my best. There’s no manual for being a parent. It is on-the-job learning. I’ve made many mistakes, but I also like to believe that I’ve made many rights. More importantly, I hope my daughters have developed many positive and loving memories of their childhood.

A heartfelt thank you to my beautiful daughters. I love them immensely and might not be the best at showing them. They make me extremely proud of calling them my daughters and, for me, the privilege of being their father.

We can share some ice cream if a boy breaks your heart while sharpening the hatchet and reading up on our hunting skills. I’m always there for you and ready to listen or be a shoulder to cry on.

Go forth and conquer the World. Nothing will stand in your way! Don’t let anybody mistreat you, or they will meet the reckoning when the Viking goes into Berserker mode.

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