Happy Birthday, Sister

We might live thousands of miles apart. We might not see each other every day, week, or even year.

That does not prevent us from having a wonderful relationship, where we care for each other well being and wish both our families plenty of positive thoughts and love.

The distances does not matter when we can always pick up the phone or Skype to say hi.

Today is my sister’s birthday. It is hard to believe that she’s four years older than me, considering all the stuff she is involved with, from a super career, excellent big family, and of course her crazy spare time activity of extreme fitness.

She runs, bikes, and swims throughout the year, and has competed (for fun) in many races. It is something she started to do a decade ago, and it has stuck with her. She even goes running when she’s on holiday.

My sister is a super sister, and I can always count on her support.

When I fell ill, she did not hesitate to come to visit and help, if we needed it. Yes, it would’ve been a long trip for her, but she wanted to come and support us. That is true family love for ya!

Happy birthday my dear sister.

I hope you have a wonderful day, although it falls on a Monday. Hopefully, we will get a chance to meet in person in 2021.

Please, if you know my sister, reach out to her and say happy birthday, and perhaps even a hug.

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