Happy Heart Happy Doctor

It is important to visit your primary care doctor, at least once a year, for your physical check-up.  It is an opportunity to assess your vitals, blood, and other health-related topics.  Your doctor might find something of interest and will work to address anything found before it gets serious.

I hindside, I should have been a more regular visitor at the doctor’s office, and it might have prevented or reduced my heart failure.  I just never felt the need to get checked.

A Viking does not get sick or need medical attention unless wounded from battles.

The other side of this phobia is the perception I have of doctors.  I’ve ever only used doctors to treat illnesses such as strep throat or an eye infection.  For some reason, I associated doctors with treating actual medical issues, and not for preventative maintenance.

Humans need preventative maintenance, just like when you service your car.  It keeps our internal engine running smoother and longer.

When I had my heart failure back in October 2018, I realized the hard way that doctors can help treat and improve your health by proactively working with patients.  Amazing!

Ever since then, I have been a regular visitor at my doctor’s clinic, as well as having regular appointments with my cardiologist.

I recently had my annual check-up with my primary care doctor, who has been seeing me since I had my heart failure back in October 2018.  She has followed my progress very closely and even studied my blood work to make sure that it is moving in the right direction.

Ahead of every visit, I have to do blood work.  It basically allows my doctor to get the latest numbers, so she can prepare for our conversation.

When I met my doctor at my appointment, so flung the door open with the biggest smile I’ve seen.  She was overly happy and impressed with my progress.  All my numbers were well below any risk measures, and all were normal range.

She was so amazed by my hard work, diet and fitness schedule, and confident that all these improvements are the only reasons that my numbers are this great.

My cholesterol is excellent and the risk of pre-diabetes or diabetes is totally gone.

This was a wonderful update and visit during these gloomy COVID times.

If you are not going to see your doctor, at least once a year for a check-up, please take time out to do so.  This is very important to you and the people in your life.  The sooner certain items are spotted, the quicker and more efficiently it can be treated.

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