Song of the Day: Futbol y Rumba

Despite being married to a wonderful South American flower for the past almost two decades, my Spanish is well below any level.  It is a fact that my kids spoke Spanish from a very early age as she taught them from when they were born.

Nevertheless, a rough Google translation of the title of this song means football and rumba.  What better combination?

We celebrate football and dance on the roofs that we can again watch this great game – at least on TV until they allow us back into the stadiums.

I’m not familiar with Anuel AA, but we all know Enrique Iglesias.  They have a great team in this summer tune, kicking off the midweek milestone.

Reggaeton is always good fun, great energy, and fantastic rhythms.  Perfect for the Wednesday Hump Day.

Happy Wednesday my fellow football (soccer) fans!

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