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** disclaimer – the cover picture for this post is NOT made by me.  It is merely a placeholder until after the event **

During my last couple of months playing and cooking on my Traeger, my appetite for BBQ challenges has increased, and so has my abilities.  I’m nowhere near a pitmaster level, but I can still whip up some pretty good dishes.

Granted, the judges are my family and they wouldn’t really say that my cooking suck.  They might eat a little less than normal if it does not hit their tastebuds.  That said, my 10-year-old is pretty honest 🙂

A few days ago I got a call from a friend.  He has this great initiative going for the past seven years, supporting our troops.  One of the events that he plans annually is a BBQ cook-out, where x number of teams compete for the BBQ honors.

This year they want to add a community team, and he asked me to join the team with three other local guys.  I’ll be a novice pitmaster   LOL

I’m pretty excited about it and will be my first even pitmaster challenge.  Again, not the pitmasters you see on TV, but a more amateur based pitmaster event.

We will be cooking wings, which I’ve never done before either.  20lbs of wings will be given to each team, and they have to impress some serious judges.

Again – not me or my team!

Each team will be paired with a local restaurant, who can give the team tips and guidance.  That elevates the event and really involves the community.

Even cooler, the restaurant will attempt to recreate the wings we create and sell them at their local restaurant the following weekend – all for a great cause.  Our neighbors and friends in the village can taste our wings.  Pretty cool, eh?

Because of COVID-19, the event is virtual.  The teams will be cooking within safe distances on a field, wearing masks of course, and there will be guys filming us.

People can drive into the area to donate, but no visitors are permitted.  There will be music and plenty of refreshments for the teams, as it is expected to be 91F today (33C).

I’m really looking forward to this challenge and excited to be supporting our troops and get involved with the local community.

It’ll be an excellent day.  I will share pictures and updates from the event.  Jump to my Instagram or Twitter accounts to get updates and pictures.

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