Song of the Day: Restore to Me

In these troubled times, we need to look for spiritual guidance and seek ways to restore ourselves.  We are emotionally and spiritually drained, but the Lord will provide us the necessary direction.

I appreciate that some might laugh and smirk at this, but when we are the most vulnerable is the time when the darkness can encircle us and cause further pain.

We suffer from division some aspects of our lives, where people only look to create further friction and can only look at how to destroy without offering any path forward.

Just as Mac Powell and Candi Pearson-Shelton sing in this powerful sing, we need to seek salvation and restore peace within.  Only with calmness can we hope to reunite and rebuild our great country.

Deliver me from this hour of darkness

Through the pain and the brokeness 

I will sing of your love and kindness

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