Home Schooling During COVID-19 Lockdown

My wife and I fully support the entire lockdown drill that we are going through these days, and happy that the Government is making decisive decisions to protect people.  The only way to slow down and stop the Coronvavirus is to enforce social distancing.

At least offices are also telling staff to work remotely, which makes the school closures a little easier to manage … please note I said “a little”.

My wife would make an excellent drill sergeant.  She takes no prisoners.

On the first day of school closure, she sat down with each of our three kids and developed a full homeschooling schedule.  Absolutely no opportunity for the kids to binge-watch Netflix or Disney+.

Due to my current role and the service my employee offers, i.e. family doctor, I am in the office pretty regularly.  That means my dear drill sergeant wife is in charge and the school bell rings at 9am for the kids.

Throughout the day, I receive messages from our teenage daughter and my wife, both telling very different stories of how their day is progressing.

Daughter is sharing concerns about Asian school and learning methods being applied, forcing the kids to do the math, spelling, etc. and even be tested throughout the day.

My wife raises concerns about the children’s behavior, and wonder if they behave like this at school too.  But, she does report that they are following their schedules.

After one week of homeschooling, and my wife working remotely, two significant outcomes are visible.

  1. Several students, at least 2/3 of them, have been placed in detention and lost certain freedoms such as horseback riding lessons
  2. The teacher has been caught drinking late in the day, trying to drown the stress and frustrations with the lack of participation.

The cheers that emanate from the house when I open the front door when I arrive home from work are immense.  Kids honestly believe that I’m there to rescue them from the evil substitute teacher, whereas my wife is hugging me begging for help.

I stayed home one day to assist but quickly realized that I’m the less productive substitute teacher who rolls in the AV/TV cart into the classroom and puts on a random movie.  The kids cheer and sit back to enjoy movie time.

My wife obviously does not appreciate that and sends me to talk to the principal, who happens to be her as well.

Outcome = substitute teacher fired after just one day.

I think it is fair to say that both the kids and us parents miss the schools and pray for a quick few weeks of isolation so normality can resume.

How’s your isolation and homeschooling going?


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