A Guiding Star

Celebrating Christmas has a deeper meaning than just appreciating the birth of Jesus.  It’s more than a bunch of people gathering in the barn, showering the newborn king with prayers, adoration, and gifts.

It also signifies the journey of the three wise men, Magi, who traveled very far to witness and shower the baby with precious gifts;

  • Gold: associated with Kings and Christians believe that Jesus is the King of Kings
  • Frankincense: often used in worship in Churches and showed that people would worship Jesus
  • Myrrh: is a perfume that is put on dead bodies to make them smell nice; Christian believe that it showed that Jesus would suffer and die

Magi is the term used in the Bible and refers to these “kings” as astrologists, who had studied the stars intensely and saw the signs of the Star of Bethlehem as something magnificent.  They understood that they had to follow this phenomenon to seek the new king who would be born.

Today, and after reading many articles, this journey is something deeper and more significant for the Magi.  The travels the Three Wise Men embarked on is also a personal journey in spirituality.   It signified their personal struggles traveling far, following their guiding star to finally achieve their goals.

It is estimated that these guys traveled an average of 10 miles per day for over 2 years to get to baby Jesus.  No real records to confirm this, but we do know that they traveled very far.  But let’s agree, it was a significant journey, following their guiding star, reaching their ultimate goal.  Salvation!

Why is this important and why do I want to share this with you?

Because we are all on a journey throughout life, striving to achieve new heights and setting goals to reach our destination.  Our personal journeys can take days, weeks and even years – heck even decades.  And the goal we strive towards is bigger than just riches and careers.

The personal journey we embark on is spiritual of nature.  We seek the ultimate revelation and understanding as to why we are here and who made us.  We may not think or talk about this regularly, but it will “hit” us when we least expect it.

Just like the three wise men, there are three distinct spiritual journeys; the tourist, the shopper and the conquerer.  Each of these journeys is in search of spiritual enlightenment.

The Tourist; visits different religions, similar to visiting different countries.  The tourist may see snippets of different religions, without ever understanding what each tries to achieve.  They never settle on a specific religion or if they do, it is only superficial.  Very little spiritual stability.

The Shopper; much like shopping at black Friday, the shopper buys religious emblems hoping some of them might bring gratification.  The person will buy or learn only the highlights of the religion, and will continuously compare and change religious beliefs.  Attempts to buy spiritual enlightenment.

The Conquerer; reads, learns, explore and appreciates their religion.  This might be a very long journey and is filled with learnings and trials.  It leads us into darkness but shows us the way back to the light.  We appreciate the teachings and are eager to help others learn.  It is a lifelong journey with the ultimate goal of coming home.

What is our journey and what is our destination?

I cannot tell you what and how your journey should take shape.  However, I can only encourage you to seek out your spiritual curiosity, and you will get gratification.

This will often start when you are in your darkest moments, being tested by the devil.  He’s casting doubts on your abilities, questioning your confidence and sowing seeds of fear.

During those moments, you start to ask questions about your existence and how you made it through the events.  Something or someone was holding their hands over you to protect you.

In my lowest moments, I started to pray and ask for help.  My prayers were answered, and I slowly made a full recovery.  It wasn’t instant healing or some burning throughout my body.  It was a slow journey.

I soon realized and accepted that there is something higher, and if you truly believe, then you will find your spiritual gratification.

I would certainly encourage you starting your own spiritual journey.  It does not mean you have to move into the local monastery or become a fanatic newfound Christian who attempts to convert every person in their path.  It simply means that you should explore and learn, then make your decision.

You can apply this to all aspects of your life and it will make you less stressed, and enjoy life more, knowing that you are not in control and put faith in something higher.

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