Prayers for a Heart – part 2

Little over a week ago, I posted a short story about my good friend’s daughter who experienced some serious heart issues and needed a new heart.

It’s not something you just buy on Amazon or eBay, and you, unfortunately, have to wait until a suitable donor is found – which also means you have to wait until another person passes away.

It is a tragic event, but a tragedy that saves a life.  In this case my friend’s daughter’s life.

Over the weekend, I was informed that a heart had been found and that she would need heart surgery that night.

Part of me super thrilled and ecstatic.  She is given a lifeline and can celebrate a new life and many more birthdays with family and friends.  I wish I could be there and give them a bear hug, and show my support.

I’m also very anxious about the family as heart surgery is not a simple procedure.  Yes, they have done many similar surgeries and it is becoming a common procedure.  Yet, it comes with risks that we need to take to make this life good.

I pray with all my heart that surgery goes well and that she will go into recovery quick, and that recovery will be positive.

It will be a long journey ahead of the family, but my friend is strong and this will be a beautiful life change.

Please keep her and the family in your prayers!

She is a true Heart Warrior – I’m just a novice in her presence.  Stay strong!

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