Traveling Heart

With heart failure, my life changed, and so will your life.  Nothing wrong about it, but we now have to take a few extra precautionary steps to monitor and manage our daily life.

It does NOT prevent you from doing cool stuff, from travelling and from enjoying life.  You just need to monitor yourself and perhaps reconsider some activities.

dominicanWe recently travelled to the Dominican Republic for our family vacation, and perhaps a well-deserved beach/pool/ doing-absolutely-nothing time.

Given the recent worrying stories in the news, with mysterious deaths in Punta Cana area, it was with some nerves that we ventured off to the bounty beaches.  Not much we could do about it anyway, and I was sure it was as safe as previous times we visited the beautiful resort.

Besides packing your speedos, sun lotion and a t-shirt, there are a few other items I would recommend you pack too – again, just as a precaution.

Please note, you do not need to have a letter from your doctor for your medication, as long your name is on the bottles such as the prescription tag.

More importantly, make sure you invest in travel insurance or check with your current provider that you have coverage for traveling abroad.  This may become handy if you have an incident while abroad.

We do not want to have or do not plan to have incidents, but just as a precaution.

Happy and safe travels!

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