Finding Faith

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This is not a religious recruitment post, but merely an attempt to help you heal and find the strength to fight through whatever challenges you are facing.

Although I was baptized, confirmed and married in the Church, I would not consider myself as an avid churchgoer.

On the contrary, I would only attend church if I had a reason such as the baptism of a friend’s child, a wedding or a funeral.  There was no reason for me to go to mass.

Why get up early on a Sunday?

Fast forward to when this heart situation hit me like a freight train, I made me start to reconsider my beliefs.

There had to be a very good reason for me to end up in the hospital with heart disease in my mid-forties.

  • Was it something I did or not do?
  • Was my love for food and happiness a direct result?
  • Was it a bad reaction to my tattoos (I swear, my mum asked me this)?
  • Was it a curse placed upon me?
  • Had I not expressed gratitude?

As I might have mentioned in previous posts, these uncertainties and unanswered questions made me wonder if a higher entity was controlling us and if I would get well.

Since moving to the States in 2011, my wife hs brought the family to church regularly, and it is a nice way to end the weekend.  Especially as our local church is small with many friendly people, and a great priest.

Slowly I started to pay more attention when going to mass. The gospels and stories the priest shared were hitting a cord inside. It started to make sense and perhaps there was a something magical with finding faith.

My curiosity grew and I began to read more, learning more about the burdens, the strength that can be received and I also discovered that praying does work.

I’m not hearing voices and not having vivid conversations with Jesus. My prayers and my faith are about finding inner peace and accepting that God looks after me. He listens to me and has certainly given me the help needed in dark times.

How else can I explain that my heart healed itself?

Again, this post is not trying to bring you to church but merely me trying to say that believing in something bigger than us, and praying, will help you find strength.

You decide who and what to believe in. You can also use prayer as meditation where you contemplate on the challenges you face and how to overcome them.

It helps. It works. I’m the living proof.

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