I’m A Cold Viking

skinny-people-are-easier-to-kidnap-stay-safe-eat-cake-26759656I’ve always made fun of my skinny friends when they complained about being cold during the winter months, despite the heating being around 70 Fahrenheit in the house or office.

Eat more food.  Get some fat on your body.  Put on an extra shirt. Wear thick socks.

These skinny cold friends would walk around the office with scarfs and constantly blow warm air from their mouths into their hands.

They were the laughing stock in Viking communities and wouldn’t have survived a raiding party around Southern Norway or sailing across the North Sea to pillage England.

We would used them to tie up the weapons or cattle.

With my impressive weight loss, equivalent to a large bag of road salt, I’m noticing a worrying change in my body.

frozenvikingMy fingers are like cold sausages. I’m wearing more clothes and bringing granddad cardigans back into office fashion.

I’m slowly turning into a walking popsicle. Fingers have a touch of death and I wear undershirts!

Honestly, I’m not telling anyone as I don’t want my skinny friends to think it’s cool being cold 🙂

It’s a fact, losing weight makes you a colder person. Not emotionally just to the touch.

  • Have you noticed any difference with your lifestyle change as a result of medical experience?
  • Any tips for getting warmer without having to buy heating blankets or hand warmers?

Being on heart medicine and blood pressure tablets probably don’t help either.

But, I’ve somewhat accepted that I’m colder although my wife does not always appreciate being forced to heat up my hands and placing them on her back.

Oh how the tables have turned Ha ha

Another side effect is also that our heating bill has gone up, as I now need to sleep with pajamas and heating turned up.

We’ve invested in blankets and throws, so now I sit covered like my granddad in my La-z-Boy.

But, on the upside, now I need to buy new clothes as the fat Viking clothes don’t fit the skinny Viking.

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