Healthy Spraying

Just a quick food tip

When you are planning on frying food on the pan or using an oven tray, I can highly recommend using the Smart Balance cooking spray.  Just a few sprays are all you need to help with the cooking, and it is extremely healthy.

I always laughed at my parents when they used these fake butter or cooking sprays, and associated it with elderly people or extreme diet freaks.  No offense to either population group, as they were both right 🙂

smart balance 1
A few sprays of health
smart balance 2
ZERO all over

Just remember, just because it is healthy and has literally zero bad things in it, does not mean you spray everything so it glitters.

It is not like using butter or oils where you like a good coating on the pan.

This is just to give it a no-stick coating, and it will also give the meats little brown frying marks.

It is two thumbs up from the Viking Heart Warrior as he embarks on the healthy living journey.

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