My Wine Has Run Out

jesuswaterintowineIn the Bible, when they talk about Jesus turning water into wine during a wedding in Cana, it is filled with symbolic references.  Running out of wine was something terrible to happen during a wedding, and would end a joyous time.  Wine is often associated with happiness, especially during the old times.  Even the rabbis claimed that if the wine was gone, joy was gone.

Could that refer to modern times?

Well, if we translate the thinking to our human emotions and events, then running out of wine would mean we are low on energy.  Something has occurred that caused us to be saddened and depressed.  Our wine has run out.  The happiness has departed our minds and we are stuck with dark thoughts.

A person goes through something traumatic, a heart disease diagnosis, loss of a family member, etc.  This is thoroughly draining and it can be difficult to see the light and positiveness.

At those moments, we need to reach out to people asking for help.  Other times, we hope that people around us will see our sadness and reach out to help us.

I need help these days.  Not to deal with physical weakness, but to help me strengthen my mind and look towards the light.  There are so many positive things we miss during the day and we need to open our eyes more to see them.  Once we discover them, our mood will change.  Once we get support from people close to us, to see these things, we will feel our wine refilling.

My wife has been a rock for me, and she has helped me more than she knows or realizes.  The fact that she has been by my side for the past three months, helping me rebuild my strength, and believe in the progress that I at times fail to see.

I come from a small family, but they are still good at staying in touch with me, despite living thousands of miles apart, and 6 hours time difference.  My sister provides super support, and this helps me focus on getting better.

Some of my close friends have been good at reaching out regularly, just to check that I’m still alive and that I’m feeling better.  When they contact me, I’m filled with renewed energy and start feeling normal again.  My cup is overflowing 🙂

The most important aspect of staying in touch with me is that it makes me feel normal and my wine refills slowly.  They do not focus on the negativity of my diagnosis, but only on the path forward.  That alone is worth everything.

You have to reach out for help or communicate with people you need support.  They might not read your signs and might not understand that they can help you refill your wine … turning your water into fabulous wine.

My water is slowly turning into lush and wonderful wine

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