Michael Harding Hearty Heroics

My brother-in-law recently shared some very enjoyable articles from the Irish Times, where the Irish columnist and author Michael Harding shares his encounter with a heart attack.

michaelhardingThe articles are a very good read and certainly shares what many might think, and how people react when they have heart alarms going off.  We, at first, blame all other infections or foods, as we consider ourselves as very healthy individuals.  Anything that helps us redirect attention away from ourselves and our heart.

It is only when all else fails that we accept that it is our heart that is raising the alarms, and need some very urgent attention.  We will not accept that we are fragile and we fail to acknowledge our body’s signals … or perhaps we do not want to listen 🙂

When I initially felt the shortness of breath, I blamed it on a cold.  What else could it be as I was feeling somewhat fine?  I had no pain in the chest, no pain in the arm, and not fainting.  To make matters worse, my visit to the Urgent Care diagnosed me with pneumonia, which in hind-side was a misdiagnosis and the doctor failed to use an EKG.

Anyway, my stories and experiences are posted on my site (here), so enjoy reading these articles by Michael Harding.

‘My indigestion turned out to be a heart attack’

I stood pot-bellied in my pajamas and began leaping through half remembered Tai Chi movements like a duck trying to dance the lead in the Swan Lake

‘Good morning sir. Did you order an ambulance?’ said the hotel receptionist

As I walked out of hospital I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I wanted to hug the entire hospital and everyone in it

I hope you enjoy these articles and perhaps spark your desire to share your own stories.

Please welcome Michael Harding to our list of Heart Warriors 🙂

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