The Heart Warrior

You’ve seen the term I use on my site ‘Heart Warrior‘ and may wonder what this actually means and why I refer to it all the time.

Well, it is pretty simple actually.

People who suffer or are diagnosed with heart disease, no matter the severity, are brave warriors who every day are engaged in both physical and mental battles.  These events place significant scars and require enormous strength to overcome.

Let’s break it down a little further:

The Heart

temp heart imageA vital organ within the human body (well, most living creatures) that controls and manages the flow of blood throughout the body.  This ensures that all organs and limbs are provided fresh energy to combat daily battles against infections, cuts, illnesses, accidents, etc.

It nourishes the brain and heals.  It helps the immune system fight off all kinds of attacks.

In humans, the heart is roughly the size of a large fist and weighs between about 10-12 ounces (280-340 grams) in men and 8-10 ounces (230-280 grams) in women, according to Henry Gray’s “Anatomy of the Human Body.”

I will not attempt to explain how the heart actually works, and will just encourage you to read more about this amazing organ.

Doctors can do amazing things trying to fix it, and heart transplants even allow some patients to extend life further.  It is truly an amazing organ.

The Warrior

warriors.jpgIn short, a warrior is a person who is engaged in and experienced in warfare.

He or she is fully engaged in direct conflict and must be able to apply skills and tactics to win.

  • A warrior is someone who loves as fully as possible
  • A warrior is someone who understands his/her needs and is fearless in telling others what they are, even at the risk of looking vulnerable
  • A warrior is someone who shows great vigor and courage

You may then wonder, why I refer to heart patients as warriors.  Again, it is in my view very simple.

Heart patients are faced with significant battles that may start before a diagnosis.  We heave to adapt and overcome new obstacles to help our body win important battles so we can win the war.

It leaves each one of us with many scars, but more importantly, it builds us to be stronger and more experienced individuals due to our courageous attitude to beat this.  Our goal and reward is a chance to enjoy life to the fullest.

The Viking Warrior

vikingsBecause I have direct links to the first Viking king, and the first king of Denmark, I may refer to myself as the Viking Heart Warrior,  Nothing grandiose, just something fun and something that I’m proud of.

You may at times see references to #nakedviking which is simply my social media nickname, and something that started when I did the Polar Plunge in New Jersey.

When I refer to heart warriors, I do this to honor and celebrate my fellow heart warriors, who go through daily battles.

We are brave.  We are courageous.  We are strong.  We love unconditionally.  We help others in need.  We win battles.

We are heart warriors


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