The Death of the Dad Bod

A wonderful role model for my dad bod 🙂

Over the past decade, or perhaps more, I’ve started to grow sideways and a little fuller here and there.  I think I can date that back to some major events in my life;

  1. Getting married to a wonderful woman
  2. Becoming a father three times
  3. Moving to the US
  4. Deskbound in an office for the past two decades

The making of a perfect dad bod!

These are all fantastic events, positive milestones in my life, and each gained a few more pounds to me already awesome body.  There’s nothing wrong living life to the fullest, enjoying food and just not worry what people might think.

Many couples and parents go through this life-altering change, where they get comfortable with each other, and the need to have a perfect body to impress the other gender (or some cases same gender) has dropped significantly on the priority list.

Perhaps my body changes cannot be fully classified as obese, but more perfecting and rounding of my body.  Slightly larger love handles. A six-pack changed to a gallon bottle.  My man boops got a little fuller.  Overall, preparing for an all year winter, filling up the fat repositories in case of a deep freeze or hunger crisis.

My latest life experience, where I encountered a significant heart incident, forced me to cut away all foods that I thoroughly enjoy, and restrict food intake.

Where was the fun in life anymore?

Well, in my other post (coming soon) I will share these dietary changes and the fact that turning to the darker side of food can actually be a great thing.

Since the change in diet and food consumption, the pounds have literally dropped off my wonderful body.  AND, with minimum exercises.  It’s the perfect thing, and I actually enjoy this transformation.

  • I’ve shed 45lbs since my incident!
  • I’m on the last hole on my belt and will have to create more
  • Clothe is hanging loose on me and shirts fit without belly button being in constant pressure of flying off
  • I can see my toes and my penis … both shocking 🙂
  • I can fit clothes that I had almost given up on

What is scarier is that I’m doing little or no exercises.  Well, I walk a lot more each day, 2-3 miles per day, and eat smaller portions.

My cardiologist does not want me to do cardio rehab or gym, so imagine how my body will start looking when that changes in February.

I have not been this tiny and skinny since high school!

New challenges will undoubtfully emerge in near future, but the first objective now is to perhaps invest in some cooler and better fitting clothes.

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