Goodnight Gollum

babygollumBedtime is usually the time of the day, where you either have a happy moment with bedtime stories and hugs, or you have a fight on your hands as your child does not want to sleep.  There are rarely any other outcomes for bedtime … or so I thought!

While reading bedtime story for my 5-year old daughter, I was getting a little impatient with the speed of her putting on her pyjamas.  She was moving at turtle speed minus 10mph, almost going back in time and putting on clothes again.

At times, when showing my frustration, I turn on my heavy metal scary voice.  I don’t like getting upset at bedtime, so try to make it a little different and fun.

With my best monster growling voice I utter a short phrase “get pyjamas on or I will tickle you until you pee your pants!” –  obviously just a silly parent tactic and I would never do that to my child doh!!!  I’m the one having to clean up afterwards.

I repeated the phrase a few times, when suddenly my 5-year old angel turned around.  Her eyes were focused directly at me.  She concentrated and said in her best Gollum voice “I will get ready.  I have brushed my teeth.  I will kill you!!”


I just poohed my pants and almost had a triple heart attack, while shaking uncontrollably. This little Gollum gave me a good scare, and now I’m afraid of the dark. It brought memories of the REDRUM scene in ‘The Shining‘.

I think my wife should put this little cutie to bed the next many evenings!

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