An All American Family Event

rocklandbouldersWe recently did something really traditionally American. We attended a minor league baseball games, supporting the local Rockland Boulders.

Our daughter had won tickets to a game, and was going to throw the first pitch.  It was part of a school challenge, and she won for having read most books.  Super cool and super proud.

As it turned out, it was actually a Guinness Book of Records attempt too, as they were going to have 126 kids throw the first pitch at the same time.  That meant that her and I were going to be on the actual pitch, in front of the crowd.  Very cool indeed 🙂

I’ve attended a few New York Yankees games, but it is so boring to sit through 9 innings, drinking expensive bottled beers ($10 per bottle) and attempt to keep the kids entertained.  Don’t get me wrong, Yankee Stadium is an amazing stadium and a worthwhile visit.

Rockland Boulders stadium is much better and more family friendly.  They still have the less healthy fast foods, but they also have more activities for the kids.  And the seats are much better.  In fact, the kids loved going there and we even enjoyed the game.

We will absolutely be going back to watch Rockland Boulders again.  Thanks for a great evening Rockland Boulders.

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