What has changed?

We laugh, we cry, we play, we hug, we celebrate …

Today we celebrate that you are my son and have made my life more complete.  World Down Syndrome Day 2014 is all about telling the World how a person with Down Syndrome has changed me.

My son is born with Down Syndrome, but he’s my son and  I look well beyond his so-called disability.  The importance is, he’s my son – pure and simple.

He’s special not because of his chromosome upgrade.  Not because he has Down Syndrome – those things do not define who he is!  What makes him special is the way he affects people.  He has unconditional love for people who treat him well.

My son, you are special to me – you are my son and I’m proud of everything you have achieved and will achieve.

The most important change you have introduced to my life is that you have made me a lot more aware and understanding of people with disabilities.  I treat people the way I want to be treated, no matter what level of ability; with respect and as a person.

You have helped me with that mindset.  You do not want to be treated any different from your siblings or other kids.  You can do anything you put your mind to.  You are awesome!

I’m not sure why people have to put labels on people, stating that they have limitations in their life.  It is my duty and responsibility as a father to support and help you succeed.

If I may be so bold, I think I’m doing a good job.  You are happy, you develop, you love and you enjoy life.

Go get them tiger!


Have you changed my life?  Of course you have.  Having kids changes your life.  This change has been a fantastic change, and despite not getting enough sleep at times, it has been a great adventure so far and I would not change anything.

Having a kid with a disability is not a curse.  I have no idea why people sigh in sympathy when they realise my son has Down Syndrome.  I’m not sad.  I’m proud and I love my son!

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