Lovin’ Snow & Hugs


winterA few years ago I would’ve given anything for four seasons.  Back in Ireland we had two seasons; rainy season and more rainy season … with a few scattered sun beams.  Now we have four distinct seasons, going from fantastic roasting summers and freezing winter nights with loads of snow.  And, then we sprinkle a few rain showers in fall and spring.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but winter is still around on Valentine’s Day.  Mother Nature gave the North East US a giant winter kiss by dumping no less than 15-20 inches of snow … on top of all the snow she had dropped the previous week.  I guess she wanted to make the Day of Love special for all us lovers out there.

What better way to spend the evening with your loved one, snuggled up on the sofa, fireplaces spluttering sparks and watching Titanic?

I love my wife – no doubt about that, but we don’t really do much for Valentine’s Day.  It’s too commercialised and I’d rather surprise her throughout the year with spontaneous flowers and the odd dinner out.  Something tells me that she might want to participate in the madness, so we have to see what the weekend brings.  Mother Nature has mad it somewhat impossible to do much, but I might just persuade our baby sitter to come over one evening, while we sneak off to the movies.

The entire family is going to the Brownies Sweetheart Dance Friday evening, so it’ll be a nice change in the usual Friday evenings.  Kids get to mingle with their friends and us adults might swing the wooden leg around the dance floor or perhaps end up twerking to the tunes of Bee Gees – much to the embarrassment of our spouse and kids 🙂

When we return, the kids are thrown into bed and we end up with some wine on the sofa, only to fall asleep within minutes drooling down on the shirt.  It’s tough being parents!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

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