Christmas Feeding Frenzy

It’s amazing how much some things that you normally have easy access to suddenly can become something that you’ve missed like a bad craving; like when giving up smoking and never knew sweets would taste that nice.

We’ve been in the US for over two years now and it has been an emotional roller coaster mixed with cultural changes.  It has been all good, with the exception of the rude awakening and introduction to the US health insurance obstacle course, but there are still some things that we miss from our home in Ireland … and our home in Denmark.

junk food basketSome things, despite how bizarre it might sound, can not be found in this great country.  I know you are probably thinking “that’s impossible”, but trust me, there are some foods you cannot track down; certain chips flavours, dark breads, Christmas beers, mince pies and most important, mature cheese.  I mean cheese that comes crawling across the table when you whistle – proper cheese.

To overcome some of these deficits, we’ve made a wonderful agreement with very close friends and family.  Instead of sending Christmas presents, we send each other a box of goodies.

We send home a large box full of typical American sweets and in return we get a box with stuff we really miss.  The only problem is that when we receive said box, and once I pop the lid, the content disappear in a manic feeding frenzy.

Cow-Harness-DestroyedMy wife jump me to get her hands on the chips and tea, kids dig their claws into my leg until I let go of their snacks and I get my Christmas beer all to myself.  It is rare you experience such an attack on a simple DHL box – the only event that could compare is when they feed a cow to the raptors in Jurassic Park.  That kind of feeding ritual can scare even the most fearless man, unless you are Chuck Norris of course.

But, it’s one of the highlights every Christmas.  What goodies will they send this year?

I only fear when my kids get a little older and bigger, as then they’ll knock me over to get to the content of the box.  The 3-year-old has already mastered some ninja skills and suddenly she has climbed up my leg and is stretching to reach the countertop.

The next feeding frenzy often occur at the Christmas feast, when I serve my family famous roasted duck with all the trimmings.  Again, the various family members dismember one duck faster than I can place the dish on the table.  I swear that I obtained bit marks on my lower arm and fingers last year, so this year I’ll wear gloves.

  • I wonder how our friends and their kids react when they get their box?
  • Do you have any funny sweet rituals?
  • are you sending boxes around the Globe to support your relative’s cravings?

Merry Christmas and Happy Feeding!

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