Yep, it’s October and we know that’s the month we support the boobs.  Not in a kinky way.  But, it’s to create awareness about breast cancer.  We need to remind our lovely women to get their boobs checked to prevent and increase the chances of successful treatments at an earlier stage … if breast cancer is discovered.


A larger and large percentage of women who get screened and who have breast cancer diagnosed at an early stage is successful in beating this awful illness.  But, we cannot forget that even if they do get treatment early, then it is still a long healing process and there can be steps on the way that may seam unbearable.

If you know of anybody who has been diagnosed recently, is going through the treatment now or has completed their treatment, then you should take a moment out to provide them with support.

Many times support is just a simple conversation about anything but the C-word.  They hear it daily and see the impact on their bodies, so they just want to have a normal conversation too.

I take a personal interest in the wellbeing of my wife’s boobs and have on multiple occasions offered to do DIY examinations.  However, I still encourage her to get screened on a regular basis.  It’s better to be safe.

So, remind your friend, partner, wife, mother, sister or granny to visit the local medical center for a quick boob assessment.

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