Sexy Wrecking Ball

smileyI gotta admit I had a WTF moment when Miley Cyrus turned a few fairly boring objects into sexual toys pretty easy in her latest video – something not many pop artists could pull off and many would most likely shy away from such bold moves.  Not even Madonna would dare such a bold move!

Who would’ve thought that a concrete wall, a wrecking ball and a sledgehammer could have so erotic moves?  This has not really happened since Flashdance’s ‘What a Feeling“, when welding equipment, sparks and overalls were the centre stage of erotic moves.

Some even dare to compare the latest Miley video to Sinead (skinhead) O’Conner’s tear jerking video “Nothing Compares to You“, which in reality was a close-up of her crying face – probably shot the day after a night shift in the pizza joint she worked at in Temple Bar.

But no!  Miley Cyrus did something extraordinary with her recent video, attempting to turn a semi break-up love song into a building demolition experience, using the most non-sexual demolition toys; wrecking ball and sledgehammer.

Only Peter Gabriel can make songs about sledgehammers!

I get it!  It can be hard to break up and one feels totally knocked over and betrayed, when your teenage crush turns you down.  And, to make matter worse, and perhaps more interesting, she suddenly appeared butt naked on the wrecking ball.

I’m telling you, that would not have been a pleasant experience with all the concrete dust  on the wrecking ball.  Once, when I was six years old, I had to sit on a rock naked while my mum was getting my changing clothes, and man my butt was itchy afterwards.

wrecking-ball-smallNow, I still wonder what went wrong in her manager’s head, thinking that twerking on stage using a giant sponge finger and riding naked on a wrecking ball would be good for her career.  I’m certain she’ll get (and is getting) loads of free publicity, and at the same time many creepy fellas watching her videos online … just like me.

In her defence, most of her songs are pretty good.  There, I said it and admit it.  She can actually sing, her voice is excellent and she knows how to produce some great videos.

I would hate being her dad these days, pretending to support her career, while cringing and trying to hide while she performs these sex acts on stage.  My daughter would go straight to the local convent after such a performance!  That might be time for him to sing his 90’s hit “Achy Breaky Heart” 🙂

Would I buy her new album?  Nah!  Probably not.  I still prefer ZZ Top sexy videos more and perhaps some of the cool Motley Crue videos too.

Well, judge for yourself.  Ride on Miley!!

I’m pretty certain I’m not even going to mention her strange twerking lately.  That was just weird and very awkward for the audience.

Btw, her latest escapades now means that when good honest hard-working people are searching on Google for wrecking balls, for valid business reasons, they are presented with results based on Miley’s latest sexual fantasies.  Thanks!

What do you think of Miley’s latest adventures?

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