A nose job!

The Mini Menace Strikes again!

It was just a normal morning, getting the kids ready for school and trying to get them out the door in time to catch the yellow submarine bus to their place of education.  Two out of three made it in time, whereas the tiniest doesn’t have school yet so she could relax while eating her chocolate cereal.

Still, there were no signs that this would be a somewhat unusual day.

As you would know from previous Menace post, our little angel can be a handful at the best of times, and most times she’s somewhat uncontrollable.  She draws on the walls, drags toys all over the place, writes on letters and homework, and climbs anything in the house.

My morning at work was busy as usual, but I was interrupted shortly after lunch by my lovely wife.  She sounded a little stressed and extremely worried, and had difficulties concentrating on forming the sentences.

Despite the initial lack of responses, she suddenly uttered “the midget has stuffed something into her nose and I can’t get it out.  I’m going to the doctor and you need to come home for when the kids arrived home on the school bus“.

I quickly turned off the work computer, which has Windows installed and takes about 7 minutes to shut down, and jumped into ye ol’ EL CAMINO monster truck.  The exhaust is slightly cracked, so it gives a good roar when it jumps into life.

On the way home, I stopped at the doctor’s place just to make sure both my girls were ok.  As I opened the door I was greeted with smiles from both girls, and the tiny one was overly happy – I guess she hadn’t been seen by the doctor yet.  I gave her the knuckles greeting and left them again.

Soon after I was back at the house, trying to get ready for the invasion of the two older kids.  The struggle always remains to get them to do their homework and this day was even worse.  The oldest had swimming in the evening and would have to do her homework in less than 90 minutes.

-- mission accepted --

The iPhone suddenly chimed, letting me know that my wife had been told to go to the nose doctor, to get the substance removed from her inner corners of the tiny nose.

Meanwhile, in the little house on the cul-de-sac, the homework battle had begun.  I huffed, puffed and surrendered, and let the kids run havoc.  In fairness, they did most of their homework in time and my oldest also packed her swimming gear.

Shortly after, I received another ding-ding on the iPhone.  Further update from the medical emergency indicated that the procedure had gone well, and that the nose doctor had extracted about 2cm of paper from her nose cavity.

It hadn’t been without sweat and tears.  She screamed and fought bravely, kicking the doctor and jumping on his foot until she finally surrendered and let Dr Evil remove the unwanted objects.

Soon after the girls arrived back at the palace, and it was as if nothing ever happened.  The patient was laughing, running around and asking for food.

Emergency over and back to normality – as long as it lasts.

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