Clearing Spam

When shopping or browsing the Internet, you are many times asked for your email to perhaps download and interesting white paper about the life of a Bulgarian shoemaker.

What you have to realise is that leaving your email address on the Internet will undoubtedly lead to an increase of spam in your inbox.

Within hours of leaving your email address on a public site, you should expect to get emails concerning your sexual activities, increased performance in bed, “special” offers on wooden dolls, new magazines, political updates and other useless shite.

Thankfully many of these unsolicited mails allow you to unsubscribe – if you can find the bloody link of course

In order to keep my mailbox down I normally unsubscribe to these kind offers immediately.  It just baffles me how long this process can be.






One would think that ticking a box on a page to unsubscribe will take effect immediately.  Despite this logical approach, many providers take their time to fulfil these requests, as seen in the picture above.

One would certainly expect this to more instant, but I assume that these providers want to give it’s potential customers a chance to revert their request.

It’s a fact – I fecking hate spam!  You?

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