In the name of the Boobs

You wear them proud

We all love them

Let’s look after them together ūüôā

It’s no news that October is breast cancer awareness month. ¬†Activities take place around the Globe showing support for man’s (and women’s) best friend(s). ¬†Forget the dog as being man’s best friend, these suckers (literally) are more precious than gold or diamonds. ¬†If it wasn’t for these wondrous creations, man would not have survived. ¬†There would be no place for babies to hang out and getting nutritious godlike honey that makes them strong and helps them grow.

We owe it to the breasts, airbags, melons, Abbott and Costello, twin Peaks,¬†chesticles, fun bags, headlamps, beanbags, boobs or what ever nickname you’re calling yours, to support the cause of finding either a cure or preventative treatment against breast cancer.

I strongly believe that man-handling these assets is the best treatment. ¬†Massaging the boobs can help identify early signs of small bumps inside them. ¬†You should only massage boobs that you know, i.e. your girlfriend’s, wife’s or partner’s.

Stand up, sit or lie down and start massaging your boobs to happiness.  But please, make sure you do this in the privacy of your home, as some bystanders might find it somewhat disturbing, if you do it while shopping or having a latte.

We all need to do our duty to support your local boobs.  Have a great month.

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