I’m an old fart!

It’s a fact.  I’m an old fart now.  My birthday was 7 June, a few months ago, so you should mark that date in your calendar for future reference, so you can wish me happy birthday every year.

Many celebrities and other famous people share this day with me, but to be honest, there can only be one Judgebrix 🙂

How old?  Does it really matter?  I might be late 30s, but I still look like mid 20s.

It’s the Danish Dorian Gray syndrome, except he was handsome and I’m not.  But, we both stay young forever.  The Danish Viking strikes again 🙂

What’s important is to stay young mentally and you will look young.  Just because you get one year older doesn’t mean that you have to buy slippers, a pipe and read the newspaper in the sofa.

I prefer to read the news on my iPad, from the comfort of the jacks.  It’s the only time you get a few minutes for yourself, with no kids screaming or punching.  Just peace and quiet … except for the bodily noises released during the session.

As per true tradition, I was awoken by my wife, kissing me and whispering happy birthday.  I was still a sleep, so for me it sounded more like Marilyn Monroe “singing” in her iconic white dress “happy birthday dear Mr. Judgebrix”.

Suddenly, while still dreaming of course, my lovely South American beauty came flying through the air in her Aztec ninja style, elbowing Marilyn.  All while screaming “get away from my man!”.  I love when she fights for me 🙂

However, like so many other mornings, it was a normal school/work day.  Kids had to be woken, fed and prepared for school.  I had to do breakfast and lunches.

Kids were kicked off to school and I headed to work.  just a normal day at the office.

Funny how birthdays gets less exciting when you get older.  It’s almost just part of the daily routine.  Wake up, work, go to bed.  Not trying to sound unhappy here, but gone are the days where you got a new toy or game, or having a birthday party with all your mates.

Despite it being a normal day, I still think it’s great having my birthday.

The birthday person in our house gets to do what he/she wants, so I watched a zombie movie while having a beer.

Happy birthday to me!

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