World NO Tobacco Day

You might remember that I quit smoking almost 2 years ago, in July 2009.  Some of my previous smoking mates are now claiming that I’m an evangelist and nagging them to get them to quit too.

What’s wrong with that?

It has been two tough years.  Not that I’ve had cravings, but I have gained a few pounds.  However, those extra handles just makes me more huggable! 🙂

I admit, I have had a few fags in the past years.  I know exactly when these were.  It was at my dad’s funeral, when I had to get away from the place and went outside for a fag.  Little did I know that most people smoke, so there was a large group of smokers outside.

Anyway, to create awareness, please remember that it’s NO Tobacco Day on 31 May 2011.  Mark this in your calendar and start nagging people to quit smoking.

Smoking is bad for you, and for the people around you, so you should consider your health and quit too.

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