Sharpest Shed in the Tool

Before any smart comments – I am aware that my subject is slightly strange, but it fits the content 🙂

OK, I visited Robbie Williams’ web site today, and saw his latest post.

I’m not too sure what the reasoning behind his latest idea is, but he basically meets random people and asks them 4 random questions – brilliant or weird?

Please note, and I emphasise, 4 questions.

The “random” people he meets seem to be people that has some relation to music, and it does not include people he randomly meets in the street.

While on the site, I encountered two scary or worrying facts.  One of these was about me.

Most blog sites have this cute little Facebook app, which shows who of your friends ‘Like’ a certain page.

In this case, I had at some point indicated that I ‘Liked’ Robbie Williams’ Facebook page.  As a result, I could now see who of my FB friends ‘Like’ Robbie’s page too.

To my horror, I appear to be the only male person I know who ‘Likes’ Robbie!  What does that say about me?

However, the most scary/funny item I found was one of the girls who had left a comment on Robbie’s “brilliant” and “detailed” post.  There’s no point in trying to explain it, so I attach a screenshot – please remember 4 questions!

So, what’s wrong with the picture?

The user’s subject line clearly states 4 questions.  What does this say about this person and how does other people look at this user?

Well, it made me laugh my arse off.  I might be the only male Robbie “fan” within my FB community, but at least I know how to count 🙂

Anyway, go visit the site yourself to read the various replies to his new idea – Ask A Random Stranger

…PS: Sorry if I offended anybody with this short post.

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