It’s not as easy to lose weight as I had hoped for.  My goal was (and still is) to be able to see my knees again, without having to bend to much forward or use a mirror.  It’s not too much to ask for and shouldn’t really be that big of a challenge either – should it?

Well, the last 10 days have been tough on my male ego and my corpus extremus.  Firstly, I had to reduce my daily meat intake to a more moderate level.  It’s not like was eating a cow a day, but I do like my meat.  The male dent happens when I forced myself to eat nothing but soup every day for lunch.  My male colleagues stared at me in amazement when I slurped into a bowl of carrot or broccoli soup.  Initially, the soups were difficult to swallow and I pretended to chew something when people were looking – only fooling myself and my body!

After 4 days of prison chow, I had only lost 3lbs.  I celebrated by eating a bowl of chips!  I was bloody depressed.  I needed to lose more, and faster.  Back to the Wii Trainer.

My biggest problem was that I had to go away on a business trip to Prague, with everything paid for.  That meant, excellent breakfast buffet, lovely lunches and amazing dinners – not to mention the wine and beer I had to consume in the name of networking.

I ate, drank and smothered the mini bar for a full 4 days.  Amazingly enough, I had still lost 2lbs, despite this orgie of excessive binge eating.

Seriously, I have to do better in the next 10 days, otherwise this daddy ain’t getting any fitter.  My knees will be forever lost.  Oh, wait.  I can always use photo-shop!

Wish me luck!

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