Pensioner with an attitude

Walking sticks, simmer frames, grumpy, smell of moths and fake teeth – the stereotype pensioner that at times are an unappreciated group of people.  I always knew that pensioners had secret talents. Skills that they have obtained from decades of living among us and spying on our ways of living. Most men have served time in the army.  Back then it was normal to spend years in the army as it paid well and provided an education.

Michael Caine, a brilliant British actor, has always been one of my favourites.  When he released his new movie about being a pensioner in a tough London suburb, I just had to see it.  Clint Eastwood did a great job explaining the living conditions in LA, so I was certain that Michael Caine could do it too. It’s just different continents and London is a more dangerous city than LA apparently.

London is one of the (if not the) most dangerous place to live in Western Europe. Some say it’s the most dangerous place in the industrialised world!  It even made it to the top 10 list, which is pretty scary actually, especially when you see some of the other cities listed.

The movie “Harry Brown” is produced by the UK Film Council. I’m certain it was sponsored by the UK tourist board too.  Anyway, it portraits people who for some reason are attracted to crime, mob behaviour and use violence to control any confrontation. The movie also looks at the impact these thugs have on the community they live in.

Meet Harry Brown (Michael Caine).  He is a pensioner living in residential flats in the outskirts of London, shared with all levels of society, but mainly the lower classes. As any movie hero, Harry Brown has a secret past, which he has managed to keep contained for decades, and that surprises many of the thugs in the hood.

Basically, Harry Brown is a loner who has tragically lost his daughter and wife.  His life is shattered even more, when his best mate is brutally killed by the local youth gang that are harassing the estate.  Enough is enough, and Harry takes matters into his own hands.  The police are attempting to assist, but are obstructed by legal red tape.  So, he tracks down the guys himself and kills them one by one, using his ex-marine skills and reflexes – as you do.  It is a brilliant movie that I can highly recommend. It makes “Gran Torino” look like a Disney movie.  Michael Caine becomes an unusual hero and saves day and the neighbourhood.

Get it out on DVD and enjoy a pensioner beat up thugs that deserve to be punished (not that I approve of vigilantes, but it was effective).  Characters and actors did a great job, making the movie a believable story, especially the young unknown actors that played tough criminals and drug addicts.  Even Vinnie Jones could learn some skills here.  Michael Caine brings a bit of  the”Italian Job”, “Get Carter’ and “Dirty Harry” back to the British screen, which hasn’t been seen since “Lock, Stock…” by Guy Ritchie.

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