What is this blog all about?

Why set-up and write this blog, and who the hell am I?  Is this a midlife crisis looming around the corner, trying to cash in on cheap fame or am I bored shitless in my relationship?

No, I’m neither of the above.  I’m simply a young man going through life and stumbling over day-to-day stuff that concerns and amuses me. Day to day stuff that I want to share with the World.  And, if my kids happen to stumble over this website, then they’ll get a glimpse of how strange their dad is.  They probably won’t share this with their friends on Facebook.

It is your choice whether you want to flick through my short stories on this site, reading about some of the misfortunes, adventures and challenges that I’ve experienced.  All you have to do is :

  • Close the internet browser or window

– or

  • Click on the blog tab above and dwelve into the mind of a boy, a man and a father.

I’m sure that you have often wondered why things happen to you and why they don’t happen to people around you.  Some stuff only seems to happen to your neighbor or distant family members.  Wrong!  It happens to all of us at some stage in our lives.

Writing these blogs, past and present stories, have actually helped me remember the fantastic childhood I had. How it was to grow up and what it is like to be an adult.  It is an appreciation for my parents who brought me into this world and taught me many valuable lessons. They were perhaps not appreciated as much when I was a kid, but it all makes sense when you grow up and start your own family.  Our parents are often right – damn it!!

You, however, have to make your own choices, and sometimes these are not easy. These choices will show parts of the path that is before you, but you can always make another choice that brings you down a different path.  No path is the right or wrong path, (unless it is crime) but it is the path you have chosen.  You simply have to make the most out of it and accept it. Strive towards higher goals all the time; personal as well as professional.  Just make sure you don’t “burn” any bridges or leave broken friendships behind, as these will haunt you forever, wondering whether you did the right thing or not.

BTW, the majority of pictures used in my blogs are found on the internet.  If you don’t want me to use a particular picture, then let me know.

A few of my favorite quotes:

“You have to choose what to do with the time given to you, Gandalf”
“I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived, Henry David Thoreau”

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  1. Great post man. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. If you ever write something that would be at home on fatherfolk send it my way!

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